Emily ignites insight into STI stigma so that you can work towards self-acceptance.

Emily L. Depasse is a Philadelphia-based writer, sexologist, and future sex therapist. As a digital creator, Emily educates and redefines the narratives around STIs, sexuality, mental health, and the childfree life through writing, academic research, graphics, and more.

Popularly known as SexELDucation on Instagram and Twitter, Emily utilizes her online presence as a safe space and platform for STI inclusive advocacy and sex education. A true believer in “everything happens for a reason,” Emily knew that her diagnosis was meant to be included in her journey.

When she publicly shared her story and herpes diagnosis in December 2015, Emily hoped to help just one person overcome the stigma. Nearly four years later, Emily is considered as a leading expert on herpes and STI stigma. Her work has been highlighted by Broadly, Greatist, Refinery29, Bustle, and more.

Emily’s background is rooted in an interdisciplinary, trauma-informed approach to gender, sexuality, and social justice. She is currently pursuing her MSW and MEd in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies. Hire her for your sexuality branding needs, curriculum reviews, and speaking engagements!