Emily (she/her) is a sexologist and sex educator based in Philadelphia. Emily’s work focuses on redefining the narratives around sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs/STIs). She received her BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2015 and is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work and Master of Education in Human Sexuality Studies through Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies as a future sex therapist. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue her PhD in Human Sexuality Studies.

Although Emily’s story began long before the launch of this website, the time between her undergraduate and graduate studies served as a period of great transformation. She was diagnosed with HSV-2 (commonly known as 'genital herpes') in July of 2015. A true believer in ‘everything happens for a reason,’ Emily knew that this was somehow meant to be included in her journey. She began sharing her story in December of 2015 on her blog as a means to raise awareness, shatter stigmas, and let others know that they do not stand alone in darkness.

Through her vulnerability, Emily has developed higher levels of honesty in her commitment to her sense of self, her happiness, passions, and her friendships and relationships. It is her hope that the light she embodies spreads to others through her education and practice.